The emergency ordinance referring to the budget revision to be debated tomorrow does away with all salary increases for this year and reduces expenses by 6.22 billion lei, while revenues lose 18.8 billion lei, as declared people of the government and reflected by the ordinance draft, NewsIn informs.
The government tries thus to fit in with the budget deficit agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of 4.6 percent of the gross domestic product.

The ministries that weren't to receive any salary increases must present to the Finance Ministry within a fortnight solutions to increase revenues by reducing staffs or expenses. The government will analyze the collected amounts within 25 days and will then decide whether there is money for salary increases.

People of the government declared for NewsIn that the Cabinet might decide in May to swell after all the minimum average salary “as it would not require very big expenses.” Another option is to raise salaries smaller than 1,000 lei or 1,700 lei by 2-3 percentage points.

Government officials mentioned that the revision only cuts the salary increases from the pre-university cycle stipulated in the 2009 state budget adopted by the Parliament in February, not all income raises promised in the education system.

The budget deficit will widen by 12.576 billion lei versus the level ascertained by the current budget down to almost 24.4 billion lei.

The budget revision cuts state budget expenses by 1.827 billion lei, local budget expenses by 1.546 billion lei, private revenues expenses by 1.057 billion lei and non-refundable external funds by 757.7 million lei.

The national social insurance health fund will also lose 8.9 million lei and the public social insurance budget will lower by 4.1 million lei.

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