At the end of last week, the leu stood at 4.1189 euros, the highest peak of the past three months.

The market is pretty still with few deals, chief of treasury with Volksbank Romania, Ciprian Mihai said. Except for some deals this morning, not much is going on, he added.

The leu started out this morning at 4.1250 over the euro and then climbed a bit to 4.12. Then it began to lose ground and at 1.30 p.m. banks were buying the euro with 4.1210 and selling it for 4.1320 lei.

Over the American currency, BNR pinned the leu at 3.1286, a slight advance over the level at the end of last week, of 3.1342.

On the international markets the dollar lost ground over the euro from 1.3128 to 1.3219 and then recovered a bit to 1.3188. At 1.10 p.m. Romanian time, the euro stood at 1.3193 dollars.

BNR posted an average interbank bid rate (ROBID) of 9.48 percent a year, under the 9.54 percent of the previous session and the interbank offer rate for overnight deposits (ROBOR) sunk to 9.98 percent, from 10.04 percent.