Petru Prunea banned from trading for five years

The National Securities Commission fined Broker Cluj dealer 50,000 lei (12,000 euros) and banned the broking firm and its leader, Petru Prunea from trading in Romanian capital market for 3 and 5 years respectively, according to a notification remitted to Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Petru Prunea (photo) the managing director of the broking firm was fined 25,000 lei by the capital market watchdog its license being revoked. RNSC has imposed a five-year ban to Petru Prunea from any activity and services in the local capital market.

Adrian Ceuca, deputy managing director was sanctioned with 10,000 lei and was banned from any activity at the local capital market for three years.

Adina Maria Moldova, the internal controller of the broking firm was fined 15,000 lei and banned from capital market for three years.

The market watchdog has also imposed a temporary suspension of activity at the branches in Alba Iulia, Arad, Bistrita, Botosani, Bucharest, Ploiesti, Satu Mare, Sibiu and Timisoara.

RNSC has fined a total of 723,700 lei, equivalent of 0.5% of the broking firm’s capital and revoked the license of subsidiaries in Deva and Baia Mare.

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