Foreign direct investments in Romania hike 38% in the first two months

Foreign direct investments (FDI) in Romania advanced by 38.1 percent in the first two months of the year versus 2008, to 1.374 billion euros, over two times the amount of the current account deficit, shows the data published by the central bank (BNR) today, NewsIn informs.

FDI stood during the first two months of last year at 995 million euros, covering only 39.7 percent of the current account deficit at the moment.

Of all the investments recorded between January 1 and February 28, capital participations weighed 45.2 percent, the reinvested profit – 16.4 percent and the intra-group credits – 38.4 percent.

The loans contracted by companies headquartered in Romania from their mother-companies might widen the current account deficit as they will be returned when they mature. Their weight dropped however during the analyzed period from where they stood last year, at 50.8 percent.

Last year's current account deficit was covered in proportion of 53.5 percent by FDI, which amounted to 9.02 billion euros, 24.45 percent up from 2007.

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