Romania private health-care clinic MedLife sees business boost 73% in Q1

MedLife, Romania's biggest private clinic, reported a turnover of 28 million lei for the first quarter of 2009, up 73 percent from prior-year period, underpinned mainly by the 85 percent surge on the corporate client segment, a release reads, NewsIn informs.

MedLife counted 200,000 patients between January – March this year.

The company's representatives announced at the beginning of the year the private hospital company estimates a turnover of 31.5 million euros for 2009 and investments worth 5 million euros to develop the already existing units and to open a new clinic in Bucharest in the area Obor-Iancului.

MedLife holds more than a third of the market in Bucharest and around 6 percent at country level. It employs some 1,000 people, out of which 600 doctors and medical staff.

The pharmaceutical and medical services industry seems to be faring well in the financial crisis that hit Romania, being the only one to report considerable increases on the background of a general downturn.

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