The head of the union admitted such programs were started, but said there is no deadline to file requests.

Each company employee received a letter of intent in this respect, the union leader said, adding nobody is forced to quit the job.

The company explains the two programs by the need to add efficiency to its activities and face the rising competition on the liberalized gas and electricity markets in Romania, the document NewsIn obtained read.

E. ON plans to grant compensations to employees who will want to leave the company, but did not mention a sum, explaining in the document that compensations will be according to the age, length of service in the field and others.

Energy supplier E.ON Energie and natural gas supplier E.ON Ruhrgas AG will merge the activities of their Romanian units E.ON Energie Romania and E.ON Gaz Romania Holding, into a single company.

The new unit, E.ON Romania, is set to optimize activities in the natural gas and energy sector.