Regional Air Services – the private company that operates at Tuzla Airfield, Constanta district, is approved to work as a Flight Training Organization by Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (RCAA) –, becoming, this way, the first private FTO flight school working in accordance with the international standards in Romania.
The approval certificate that confirms the existence of Regional Air Services flight school officially approves launching the following classes: PPL(A), CPL(A) modular, IR(A) modular, ATPL (A) – distance learning, Class Rating SEP (Land), Class Rating MEP (Land), FI(A), CRI(SPA) and IRI(A).

Regional Air Services uses a fleet of : Diamond DA – 20 Katana (VFR), Diamond DA-40 TDI (IFR), Piper PA-34-200T. Seneca II (IFR), Diamond DA-42, IFR, that will operate on Tuzla airfield, Strejnic airfield (Ploiesti) and on all the AIP airfields in Romania.

Tuzla airfield invested nearly 3 mln euro for equipments such as Simulator D-SIM-42 Twin Star FNTP II, aircrafts, manual programs.

After the visit Mr. Raymond Benjamin S – Secretary General of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Catalin Cotrut – Chief of Romanian Committee at ICAO on 7th of April 2009 at Tuzla airfield, the flight school made a good impression to ICAO civil aviation authorities also for the high professional training and the effort to develop the airfield and the flight school at international level.

Raymond Benjamin and Catalin Cotrut set going a series of training courses and workshops in which Regional Air Services employees participate.

Regional Air Services is the first private airfield in Romania and, also, the first PPL (A) flight school.

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