Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.0 CRD is priced at 37,610 with VAT and emission tax included while Dodge Nitro is now available at 25,939 euros (price includes VAT and emission tax).

Jeep Grand Cherokee has a 3.0 diesel engine that develops 218 HP while the Dodge Nitro SXT SUV comes with 2.8 liters diesel motor that releases 177 HP, both with automatic 5-speed gearbox.

Dodge Avenger 2.0 (diesel and petrol) is by approximately 6,000 euros cheaper. Dodge Avenger SE 2.0 liters petrol, 156 HP is priced at 14,480 euros (both VAT and emission tax included), while for the 2.0 diesel version with 140 HP SXT the price is 17,590 euros (VAT and emission tax included).

Chrysler Sebring Limited is now priced at 16,994 euros for both models covered, 2.0 liters diesel developing 140 HP and 2.4 liters petrol at 173 HP.

BDT Motors, member of BDT Group enables clients to take almost any model for a test drive and holds a stock with delivery term from one to 5 days.

The company posted a 40% increase in sales compared to first quarter 2008, up to 67 cars.