Car sales in March, both from domestic production and import, lowered by 46.17 percent from 25,050 in March last year to 13,484 this year, NewsIn informs.

The largest Romanian producer, controlled by France’s Renault, Dacia sold 3,823 cars in the third month this year, a 46.4 percent slump over the similar month of 2008. Sales in the first quarter decreased 63.6 percent year-on-year, to 7,770 vehicles. Dacia succeeded in remaining the market leader with a 23.2 percent market share, followed by Hyundai with a 10.8 percent chunk and Volkswagen with an 8.9 percent stake.

Sales of imported cars lost 46.1 percent in March over the same month of last year, to 9,661 cars and dropped an annual 52.5 percent in the first three months, to 21,904 cars.

The best selling imported cars were Hyundai with 3,203 cars and Volkswagen with 2,631 cars