The other two companies acting together with Petromservice and Petrom employees are Radoway Limited and Stonecom Limited, also including Sorin Mihai, Bogdan Negrutzi and Gheorghe Supeala.

Earlier today the SIF Moldova announced it suspended the voting rights of other shareholders acting as a group and exceeding the ownership threshold of 1 percent. The most significant of them were ING Luxembourg and the group around investor Catalin Chelu.

The former controls a stake of 7.45 million shares in SIF Moldova, or 1.437 percent of the share capital, while Chelu with other 34 companies own 7.7 percent.

As a consequence, the financial company decided to suspend all voting rights of shareholders controlling together more than 1 percent of the share capital, at a general meeting on April 24. The purpose of the meeting is to elect the seven company administrators from the 13 candidates.