The company reported a loss of 2.09 million lei in 2008, which it plans to cover 1.74 million lei from reserves and another 348,000 lei from the profit over the next five years.

Petrolexportimport counts on revenues of 116.43 million lei in 2009, slightly down on last year, and estimates total spending at 118.57 million lei, 3.2 percent lower than in 2008.

Business reached 116.63 million lei last year, up almost three-fold on the 39.84 million lei turnover in 2007.

Petrolexportimport has a share capital of 6.13 million lei divided into 408,697 shares at a face value of 15 lei. According to the last report, the majority shareholder is the company Laird Resources which controls 76.7 percent of the shares.