Following the rising demand for these services, Bit Solutions expects a significant increase in the outsourcing market this year.

Representatives of Bit Solutions say the current economic downturn sparked an increase in demand for outsourcing services, and the cost-cutting measures for IT equipments can fuel a 16% advance of the market.

“Executives of small and medium sized companies are beginning to understand that by outsourcing the IT services, they will manage to continue their operations and reduce the costs incurred by the IT department by 30% - which can be translated into a company-wide 10% average cost saving”, said Florin Scarlat, managing director of IT service company Bit Solutions.

The financial crisis has compelled an increasing number of companies to adopt outsourcing, which fosters the growth of this segment. According to market statistics, in 2008 over 15% of Romanian companies adopted outsourcing services, and the number is rising.

By outsourcing the IT services, the companies will have access to cutting edge technologies and avoid costs incurred by IT staff training. Moreover, they will benefit of repair and maintenance services around the clock, and many of the malfunctions can be solved at the outsourcee’s office without interrupting the activities of the outsourcer.

IT outsourcing includes IT assistance and maintenance, back-up services, risk management, data security – antispam and antivirus solutions, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, and IT infrastructure security.

Over the past five years, the value of IT services almost doubled, the market being expected to reach 272.5 mln euros – marking a slight increase from 2008, of nearly 16%.