Peugeot pulls back 700 cars from Romania, in search of demand

Peugeot, one of the largest French-based car manufacturers has decided to move its stocks from Romania to other markets, in the search for higher consumer demand, helping Trust Motor importer to dump the car park.
“When crisis erupted in Romania, we talked to Trust Motor to organize a redistribution of cars, to relocate them back to Peugeot’s headquarters and to ship them to other European markets where the demand was higher. We moved the cars to Peugeot and registered them”, said the managing director of Peugeot, Jean Philippe Collin.

Gheorghe Utii, the executive director of Trust Motors confirmed the car shipping from Romania to other Peugeot subsidiaries across the Europe.
“We’ve shipped some 700 cars in the countries where they were supposed to be marketed in Peugeot subsidiaries, namely in Czech, France and Belgium”, said Utii.

Peugeot sales in Romania could reach this year 7,000 – 7,500 units versus 13,000 a year earlier. The local car industry is estimated at roughly 150,000 units this year.

Trust Motors projects a market share around 4.5% - 4.7%, compared to 4.2% a year earlier.
In Romania, the sales of new cars sank 59% in first quarter this year, with 33,513 units delivered.

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