Romania’s state-owned hydropower producer Hidroelectrica will put up for sale 19 micro hydropower plants this months, out of which 10 are at their third bid, according to company data, NewsIn informs.
The process for the next bid will start in May.

Hidroelectrica sold six of the 16 micro hydropower plants put up for privatization in October 2008 for almost 22 million lei. Five of them went to Wienstrom GmbH in Austria and one to the local company Beny Alex SRL.

In February this year the electricity producer organized a second bid for the 10 hydropower plants that were not initially privatized. But no company filed any offers.

There are 44 micro plants (besides the 19) to be sold according to an agreement between Romania and the European Union, which stipulated Hidroelectrica would privatize a portfolio of 150 micro plants. The company has so far sold 87.

Hidroelectrica is majority state-owned and has a headcount of 5,000. The company accounts for 25 to 30 percent of the country's electricity output and its 326 units have a total installed power of 6,335 MW.

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