ING's retail loan book shrank by a third in first quarter

The retail loans granted by ING Bank Romania contracted by a third in first quarter versus prior year period, while the overall loan book dropped by 5% in the same timeframe, said the managing director of the bank, Misu Negritoiu.

In March, the retail loan volume stood at 597 million euros.

“Personal need loans portfolio shrank the most, and the ones in local currency had a steeper decline than Fx loans”, Negritoiu (photo) added, citing sluggish credit demand.

However, ING Bank’s deposit portfolio increased slightly by 4-5% at the end of first quarter, 2009 “although ING is a little behind the yields we offer”, said Negritoiu.

At the end of first three months, according to parent bank financial report, ING Bank Romania’s deposits amounted to 928 million euros.

Credit-deposit ratio grew mildly this year, to 95% from 93% at the end of 2008.

“In the existent portfolio, revenues topped 2008 results. The new production, however went up by a narrower margin”, said Negritoiu.

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