Yesterday the leu was pinned at 4.1920 over the euro. In early deals the currency depreciated slightly from 4.1650 to 4.1750 over the euro and after 10 a.m. it began to strengthen. At 1:20 p.m. banks were buying the euro for 4.1615 and selling it for 4.1675 lei.

The leu grew significantly going by the regional drift following the higher appetite for risk of investors in most markets, a dealer told NewsIn, adding that the slight drop at noon came as a correction.

In the region the Hungarian forint first fell from 284.85 to 286.7 over the euro and then increased to 283.75 while the Polish zloty lost ground from 4.3425 to 4.3740 against the euro and then swelled to 4.3550.