Is Adrian Stanciu planning an exit from Human Synergistics Romania?

Adrian Stanciu, 48, one of the renowned HR specialists in local market seems to be willing to relinquish his holding in organizational advisory company Human Synergistics Romania, thus following his plans to step back on the sidelines of the business arena at the age of 50.
After an extensive experience as country manager of Xerox Romania, or as partner of Ascendis, one of the largest training companies in Romania, the graduate of University of Polytechnics has turned into a successful entrepreneur who now waits a bid for the shares in Human Synergistics Romania.

Adrian Stanciu is currently holding only 67% of the company after selling 13% to his partner Iuliana Stan, earlier this year. Stanciu refused to disclose the price tag for the 13% stake in Human Synergistics Romania. “I don’t think it matters that much the amount I booked for the shares I had sold to Iuliana. For the remaining 67% I’m waiting for offers”, said Stanciu.

The managing partner of the advisory firm has no idea how much would Human Synergistics Romania would worth. In fact, if he was to receive tomorrow a 500,000 euros bid, he wouldn’t know what to do.

Last year, Human Synergistics Romania booked revenues of over 450,000 euros and after-tax profit of nearly 90,000 euros. In 2007, the company’s turnover stood at roughly 360,000 euros and the net profit at over 70,000 euros, according to data provided by Ministry of Finances.

For 2009, Stanciu expects the economic downturn to take its toll on Human Synergistics Romania’s turnover. This year, we hope to end year with 250,000-300,000 euros turnover and stay on the positive side. We’ve cut the fixed costs where it was possible, but we didn’t reduced staff”, Stanciu added.

The fall of the turnover could be one of the reasons why Adrian Stanciu considers stepping back from Human Synergistics Romania. The first quarter evolution of the business this year seems to confirm Stanciu’s pessimistic tone. “In first quarter 2009, our revenues stood 45% down from prior-year quarter”.

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