Tabloids gain readership

The majority of national dailies have continued to gain readers in January 2008-January 2009, by several thousands, reads the latter SNA report. Click and CanCan tabloids have taken the brunt of the readership growth rate while Evenimentul Zilei daily reported the sharpest decline in audience.
The most read daily newspaper in Romania remains Libertatea, with 1,413,000 readers per day, up 34,000 in the year ending in October 2007-October 2008. The ranking has reshuffled following significant gains in readership for CanCan and Click tabloids.

Thus, the newspaper edited by CanCan Media has attracted in January 2008 – January 2009 147,000 readers more than in prior wave (783,000) lifting its ranking to No 2 spot, while Click outpaced Pro Sport and Evenimentul Zilei, taking up No 5 position with 685,000 readers/day.

The significant upswing is due to both the increase in circulation and to the fact that there are two new newspapers whose brand awareness is following a steep growth trend, said the media consultant, Iulian Comanescu.

“SNA measures ‘how many people say they read’ a certain newspaper and everybody knows that sometimes, respondents answer depending on the brand’s notoriety. The evolution of print industry over the last year and a half shows that finally, professionals started to respond to the readers’ expectations – news, coverages, analyses, that were ‘neither yesterday night on TV nor appeared on the news websites’. I still think we have enough potential in other segments than dailies”, Iulian Comanescu told Wall-Street.

Gazeta Sporturilor and Jurnalul National dailies glide one position each in the ranking. GSP, edited by Convergent Media attracted in January 2008-January 2009 776,000 readers per day, taking No3 position, while Jurnalul National, edited by Intact ranks fourth with 688,000 readers per day.

Adevarul daily climbs to 8th position with 418,000 readers/day and Ziarul Financiar to 9th with 224,000 readers/day.

The biggest reduction of readership was recorded by Evenimentul Zilei (-22,000), edited by Ringier Romania, down one position to 7th with 536,000 readers/day.

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