Raiffeisen AM holds 250 mln lei assets

Raiffeisen AM, Raiffeisen’s wealth management division reported an increase in assets portfolio under management up to 250 million lei (58 million euros), reads a press release remitted by the company.
The increase was largely driven by Raiffeisen Money-Market Fund, whose asset portfolio passed 140 million lei mark, double compared to prior-year period.

“The record growth of asset portfolio was triggered by the features of the product. The recent cuts of interests have not influenced at the same extent the yields of the fund, as many of the placements had already been fixed at high returns,” said Mihail Ion (photo), chairman of SAI Raiffeisen Asset Management S.A.

SAI Raiffeisen Asset Management SA is the sole wealth management company in Romania with investment-management market-wide presence.

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