BNR posted a reference exchange rate of 4.1281 lei per euro yesterday, the lowest level of the past month.

The leu started today's session at 4.13 versus the euro and soared rapidly to 4.12, but then began to slip. At 1:10 p.m. the euro was traded for 4.1335 – 4.1390 lei.

The trend was similar in the region. The Polish zloty increased from 4.373 to 4.342 versus the euro and then slipped to 4.354, while the forint gained from 280 to 276.6 over the euro and fell to 278.6 afterwards.

BNR's reference exchange rate indicates a 0.39 percent advance of the national currency versus the U.S. dollar to 3.0886 lei per dollar, from 3.1007 in the previous session.