Romania's labor force agency ANOFM received notifications from 252 companies that plan to discharge 23,976 people in the period May-October, most of them working in the equipment and car making industry, NewsIn informs.
Some 294 companies announced ANOFM last month that they could dismiss 21,656 people in the period April-October.

Most people to be fired work in the equipment and car engineering (2,548), but also in the textile industry (2,098) or car industry (1,840).

As many as 24 companies from Bucharest notified ANOFM about dismissing 4,691 people, of which 2,132 from the capital and the rest from other units countrywide. Companies from Timis County (15), Arad (12), Brasov (12) or Cluj (12) also announced their intention to reduce headcount.

About 90 percent of the employees that could lose jobs work in the private sector, some 2,158 for state-owned companies and 265 for mixed companies.

The number of lay-offs announced for 2009 lowered from 31,871 in January to 21,581 in February, hiked to 25,509 in March and halved to 13,193 in April.

The number of unemployed rose by 4,120 in April to the highest level of the past three years of 517,741, close to the Labor Ministry's estimates on the number of jobless people at the end of the year, data from ANOFM show.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates the number of jobless people will reach 800.000 at year-end, while the Forecast Commission CNP bets on only 620,000 unemployed.

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