Banca Comerciala Romana’s retail credit book covers nearly 1 million accounts, including credit cards, or overdrafts, he continued.

“I have to say that these figures do not make up a permanent list. They can be modified on a daily basis, according to the moment when borrowers pay their rates”, Skopek said.

Nevertheless, he refused to disclose the full amount proposed for restructuring, but added that the average value of a mortgage loan at BCR was within 40,000 euro range.

“On the other hand, the consumer credit segment involves a lower amount, but a higher number of cases. We have to keep in mind that 65% and 68% of rates paid for consumer credits are made in cash and many of our clients are unable to pay their rates on time”, Skopek added.

“We try to encourage our clients to set up a current account from which the monthly rate to be paid automatically so they wouldn’t have to worry about their monthly payments”, he said.