Unilever marches on with Napoca brandĺs takeover

Competition Council gave green light to Unilever NV and Unilever South Central Europe to take over ice cream brand “Napoca” previously owned by Napolact and Friesland Romania.
According to Competition Council, the deal would not result in the consolidation or establishment of a dominant position in the ice cream market.

According to the press release, although the terms of the deal meets the regulations set forth in the Competition law 21/1996, which is aimed at protecting, maintaining and stimulating competition and a normal competition environment, there are no doubts related to its compliance with a normal competition environment. Therefore, the Competition Council has no objection in this matter.

Unilever South Central Europe provides consumer goods as well as home care products. USCE and Unilever Romania SA were neither producing nor marketing ice cream products in the local market, despite its wide presence across Europe.

Unilever NV together with Unilever Plc is the parent of Unilever group. Unilever is one of the leading producers of consumer goods worldwide and is the owner of more than 400 brands and markets over 14 products lineups for various purposes, such as home care, personal care and food.

In Romania, Unilever group is present through Unilever Romania SA and USCE.

Unilever announced in February the takeover of “Napoca” ice cream brand, put up for sale since 2008, deal which will pave the way to the ice cream market in Romania.

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