The rest of the money was allotted for relocating utilities and for paying judicial services granted by lawyers and others.

The total value of infrastructure projects for 2007-2008 amounted to 5 billion euros, said Ionescu. As an example, he pointed to the constructor of Transylvania highway, American company Bechtel, which spent more time with relocating utilities last year than constructing the highway.

Ionescu also mentioned the Transportation Ministry stopped all auctions for cleaning and security services for the national roads and highways, on lack of funds.

He added the ministry will no longer ink contracts with security companies for highways and national roads and will change the contracts for the two highways Bucharest-Pitesti and Bucharest-Constanta granting them to a sole company, not to several like in present.

Driving the streets of Romania could turn into an enjoyable journey after 2013 when authorities promise that 3,000 kilometers of roads are modernized and one highway corridor from Constanta to Nadlac is finalized, people from the National Road and Highways (CNADNR) company told NewsIn at the end of April.