Although the airline operator reduced its flight capacity by 3.4%, the traffic fell by 2.4% in the fourth month of the year.

The load factor at Air France KLM’s aircrafts stood at 80.5%, up slightly by 0.6 points.

On the European network, the decline in capacity of 2.9% was in line with that of demand of 2.7%.The load factor was therefore slightly up at 70.3%, by 0.2% higher.

On the Americas network traffic declined by 1.8% with capacity down by 5.1%. The aircrafts’ load factor gained 2.8 points to 85.4% compared to April 2008.

The biggest decline was registered in Asia, where the traffic slumped 7.2% while the capacity was reduced by 5.6%. The load factor fell 1.6%, down to 86%.

The carrier reported traffic growth solely in Africa and Middle East, where it climbed 3.3% and capacity by 4.5%.