Avangate enables provides the hosting, billing and process execution. The Intel Business Exchange platform embeds two online software stores and localized for the UK (www.intel.co.uk/ibx ) and Germany (www.intel.de/ibx ) respectively, with www.intel.fr/ibx for the French market to follow by the end of the month.

The Avangate e-Commerce platform is the core engine of the European Intel Business Exchange; software vendors selling products via the Intel software stores benefit from Avangate services across the board, from transaction processing and electronic software delivery to shopper support.

The Avangate platform also comes with a management console for easy product management, full access to end customer information and real time sales reports. End-customers - businesses and consumers alike – will benefit of multiple payment options, complemented by 24x7 phone and email support from Avangate on payment and order related issues.

Avangate, part of Gecad ePayment International, provides electronic software distribution assisting vendors from across the world in the sale of software products both online and via distribution channels.