Germanos: 91% boost in Bluetooth wireless headsets sales

Germanos, the largest retailer of mobile phone accessories, part of Cosmote Group reported sales up 91% for headsets containing Bluetooth wireless technology in first four months in 2009, compared to prior year period, which can be translated into a 52% hike in value.
Mobile phone accessories – wire-connected handsfree and Bluetooth handsfree, car kits, mobile phone cases, batteries, car chargers, travel chargers, memory cards, data cables and car holders – account for nearly 7% of Germanos’ monthly average sale.

The contribution of accessories rose from 5% in first quarter of the year to 7% in first quarter 2009. The approximately 30% increase is a result of the growing demand for every mobile phone sold, such as Bluetooth , car chargers, data cables and cases.

Bluetooth systems account for 60% of Germanos’ monthly sale book. The retailer offers a wide range of terminals embedded with Bluetooth devices – over 69 models, priced between 69 lei and 319 lei (VAT included).

Furthermore, the sales of memory cards rose 15% in first four months of 2009 from prior-year period.

“Mobile phone accessories segment has a spectacular evolution and this is why we have identified various trends influencing this market. Wired-connected handsfree devices are more frequently being replaced by headsets containing Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth systems are gaining ground in terms of data sharing, gradually replacing the classic data cables”, said Cosmin Vintila, accessories product manager Germanos Romania.

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