Currency exchange drops 0.02 lei

The reference exchange rate posted today by Romania's central lender BNR lowered 0.39 percent on the previous session to 4.1760 lei per euro, on the appreciation of the national currency in line with other emerging currencies in the region, NewsIn informs.
BNR posted a reference exchange rate of 4.1923 lei per euro on May 15.

“The market is pretty calm and the leu's appreciation came as a correction, like in the case of other currencies in the region, which gained ground against the euro,” declared for NewsIn Ioan Birle, chief-dealer with lender Banca Transilvania.

The leu fell in today's first transactions from 4.18 to 4.19 versus the euro then began to recoup to 4.1730. At 1:20 p.m. banks bought the euro with 4.1725 lei and sold it for 4.1833 lei.

In the region, the Polish zloty cheapened from 4.47 to 4.49 against the euro and then recovered close to the opening level, while the Hungarian forint climbed from 288.7 to 285.9 per euro.

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