“We will focus on developing an efficient and client-oriented network. This entails important measures to secure company-wide cost-effectiveness and better asset management. With the help of an efficient cost-reduction approach, we are still prepared to open new filling stations, although not as many as in 2008,” said Zsolt Szalay.

This year, the oil company opened two filling stations, one in Bors (Bihor county) and in Barlad. The company has invested recently in the retooling of oil storage center in Tileagd by installing a new computer operated loading system for large tank terminals (COTAS).

“Our investment plan for the development of filling station network in 2009 is based on projects and depends largely upon the international climate and local market conditions. Each proposal is carefully analyzed by taking into consideration the depreciation period and the potential of each filling station. We will further focus on large flows per station and high-quality products and services”, managing director of MOL Romania added.