EC could pump 320 million euros in energy projects in Romania

European Commission could allocate around 320 million euros in 2009 and 2010 to support projects related to energy interconnections, offshore wind energy and carbon capture and storage, as part of the implementation of the European economic recovery program. Romania is one of the locations on the list.
European Commission has launched calls for proposals covering key energy infrastructure projects, such as energy interconnections, offshore wind energy and carbon capture and storage, part of the European Energy Program for Recovery, for which the available funding stands at 3.98 billion euros.

Project promoters can submit their proposals by July 15, 2009 and European Commission expects to sign the first grant agreements and decision by year-end.

Among the eligible projects listed by the European Commission, including Romania, are Nabucco project, for which the EC envisages a contribution of 200 million euros, gas interconnector between Romania and Hungary, for which the EU may allocate 30 million euros, infrastructure and equipment to permit reverse gas flow in the event of short term supply disruption - 80 million euros, and Bulgaria-Romania interconnection – 10 million euros.

The European Nabucco pipeline which measures 3,300 km will bypass Russia in order to narrow EU’s reliance to Russian natural gas supplies. The countries involved in the project are Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Italy and Greece.

EU financial aid for energy projects in 2009 and 2010 equates 3.98 billion euros of which 2.36 billion euros would go to gas and electricity infrastructure projects, 565 million euros for offshore wind energy projects and 1,050 billion euros for carbon capture and storage.

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