The central bank settled a benchmark exchange rate of 4.1762 lei per euro in the previous session.

The leu dropped slightly versus the euro in the first part of the day, from 4.1690 to 4.1785, but the exchange rate started to advance gradually afterwards. Banks were buying a euro for 4.1678 lei and selling it for 4.1787 lei at 1:25 p.m.

In the region, the Hungarian forint plummeted from 278.65 to 281.65 over the euro and then stabilized close to 280.80, while the Polish zloty cheapened from 4.3830 to 4.4240 over the European currency, and floated near 4.4140 in mid-session.

BNR's benchmark exchange rate also indicates a 0.30 percent rise of the national currency versus the American dollar, to 2.9849 lei per dollar, from 2.9938 in the previous session.