A new round of design blogs have emerged recently, together with new online stores and posts about brands and stores or forums where users talks about good deals, fashion fairs or events dedicated to shopping addicts. In light of this, a new project was launched: Coolio.ro – a platform aimed at bringing a part of the above together, organize them and put them into more attractive, user-friendly format.

“With Coolio, we aimed at meeting people’s need of showoff. We’ve designed this project as a virtual site which enables users to share their recent shopping experiences with their friends and other users with similar interests”, said Dragos Novac (photo) about Coolio.ro, application created by Krogos Software.

The concept itself is broader and as often the service is being used, more needs emerge and new features are being developed.

Therefore, Coolio is now offering shoppers the possibility of organizing their own wishlists, hence solving two problems. “You help your friends in their quest for the perfect gift for you”.

Furthermore, the users can track the evolution of the items they bought (monthly average), find out about the good deals and search products they are interested by introducing the price only. Apart from this, they have the possibility of creating themed forums by their hobbies – snowboard, books, handmade, design, etc.

Coolio.ro team is constantly working to upgrade and add new features and try to provide the best social shopping solutions.

The concept of this project is original, at least in Romania. But globally, the notion of social shopping is a well known online facility among shoppers.

Around 1,000-1,500 product are posted on the website, on a monthly basis. “For only a few days, we’ve launched a rating system that encourages users to engage”.

As for the average users of Coolio, they are familiar with online medium, they spend around 2-3 hours a day navigating on the Internet and they manage accounts on at least one social networking site. What brings them together is the attention for the reputation they have in their group and the need to identify with a group and adhere to certain values.