Crisis behavior: 97% consumers turn to discount promotions

The local modern retail industry is now largely soaked with stores’ promotions, which now seems to influence the buying decision of around 97% consumers, said the managing director of Daedalus Group, Daniel Enescu.

“The retail market is now migrating to promotion camp. The first quarter had seen multiple changes in the consumer behavior. As out latest research found, 25% consumers often choose a brand in promotion offers,72% make a purchase decision based on the existent promotional offers while only 3% of them are promotion-sensitive”, said the managing director of the research company, Daniel Enescu.

He added that only 90% of the shoppers are constantly up to date on the stores’ promotions.

According to the research carried by Daedalus, consumers started to shift focus to cheaper products, over those they regularly use.

“Around 8.1% consumers choose a cheaper brand than the one they prefer instead, while 60% make this buying decision occasionally”, Enescu explained.

Apart from the promotions, discounts represent a major factor that influences consumers’ choice.

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