In March 19, EIB said it would lend 15 million euros to the leasing company BRD Sogelease IFN to finance the projects of small and medium-sized enterprises aimed at reducing the impact of the current economic crisis by improving access to medium and long-term funds.

The projects eligible for BRD Sogelease program are in the areas of industry, services, tourism, agriculture, health, energy and environmental protection, the leasing company informed.

For the loans granted under this program, BRD Sogelease charges a preferred administration fee, an annual interest of 4.9% in first year and a flat yearly interest of 8% in the following years.

For the coming period, BRD Sogelease wants to improve cost efficiency and to seek new market opportunities in a bid to upgrade financial and operating leasing services.

“We will focus further on health, agricultural and IT sectors tailoring our products to meet our clients’ needs. We will continue to support the promotion of “operating leasing” through our BRD Sogelease Asset Rental SRL, this representing an efficient borrowing alternative and popular among our clients”, said the managing director of BRD Sogelease, Jean-Claude Boloux.