“Entrepreneurs should come out of the wait-and-see mode and get more involved in the deal-making process. Where and if needed, distressed companies should be re-engineered, costs should be reduced to improve efficiency”, said Paltineanu (photo).

At the same time, investors are hesitant. They sometime refuse to be part of competitive deals. They also prefer to stay focused on mature markets.

“If the emerging European countries were bon ton before, now they look more like ‘no-no’. The market itself and time will show us whether this volatile approach is the right one. After crisis, investors’ wait and see mode could be lucrative, as they are focused on the management of existent investments, while the access to lending is still tight”, he added.

There is a trend of pushing prices downward. What market players need to bear in mind is that not any asset can be purchased at high discounts", head of UniCredit CA IB added.