Up to 80% of Romania's cereal crops could be scorched by the drought

Romania's big agriculture producers predict that this summer's drought could affect up to 80 percent of the cereal production, the most severely damaged being the corn and wheat crops, NewsIn informs.

Statistics show that only 20-25 percent of the country's agriculture lands received rain, the rest being in total crisis. If there is no rain during the next week, 70-80 percent of the lands is compromised,” declared Culita Tarata, administrator of the TCE 3 Brazi agriculture company.

Thus, this year's national wheat production is expected to amount to 2-2.5 million tons and the corn production to 1.5 million tons, supplying only 30 percent of the necessary. Tarata added that the lack of rain augments the impact of plant diseases and pest 20-fold and the necessary treatments are more expensive by the day.

President of the cereal and technical plants producer Interagro, Ioan Niculae, stressed that the wheat quality will also be strongly affected and the most part of the crops will only serve for fodder. He pinpointed another problem threatening crops – the lack of fertilization, which the Romanian authorities promised to asssure with Brussels' help, but failed so far.

According to Tarata, the low wheat production will also affect the 2009-2010 agriculture circuit, as it will be very difficult to resume production during the next agriculture campaign. The only solution to save the 2009-2010 agricultural cycle could be allotting state aids for destroyed crops, but officials are not optimistic over government's capacity to sustain this operation.

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