Aurel Netin, Lenovo: Crisis will ease by year-end

Spurred by the projects in the public sector expected to be delivered in second and third quarter 2009, the Lenovo’s general country manager for Romania and Bulgaria says the market will rebound toward the end of the year.

The current year is highly challenging and difficult. In first quarter 2009, the market fell sharply and the coming months appear to be equally instable.

Lenovo, a personal-computer manufacturer has managed to keep its operations as less damaged by the market’s downfall as possible.

“We had a 188% year-on-year growth in first quarter 2009”, Aurel Netin (photo) told Wall-Street.

As for next quarter, Netin relies on the public sector that is expected to deliver the projects. This would very much help the market, as well as the struggling retail segment.

“The retail market has already seen signs of recovery, but we al know the existent situation in the market. We expect the public sector to deliver the project and the IT market to turn around”, said Netin.

The market crisis should ease toward the end of the year, Lenovo’s country manager predicts.

Lenovo shipped the new G Series dedicated to consumer and retail segment

Lenovo and MB Distribution, the biggest distributor of the computer manufacturer, have launched the new G350 notebook of the G Series lineup. By this series, Lenovo targets consumer and retail segments.

The notebook comes with a 160GB/250GB or 320 GB hard drive at a speed of 5400 rpm and 4GB DDR2 memory. The new G350 notebook has a 2.00GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

“Lenovo comes to fill an existent gap in the market by offering reliable notebooks at affordable prices. The series adds more processing power and more multimedia options – features not quire necessary in the business field”, said Aurel Netin.

The prices for G350 notebooks start from around 440 euros (VAT not included) and will be available on the market as of June 1.

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