I.R.I.S, the sole Apple distributor in Romania was renamed as “Apcom Romania” after a regional rebranding process by which all local distributors of Apple products and services were brought together under a sole marketing clout.
The collaboration between Apple and Apcom Group, member of MDS Holdings started 22 years ago, and was constantly strengthened by establishing a solid and modern regional distribution network. MDS Holdings is operational for 35 years in 67 countries through nearly 100 affiliates across the emerging markets of Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Overall, MDS Holdings reached over 1 billion dollars in turnover last year, according to Zsolt Kadar, marketing manager at Apcom Romania.

3 years ago, 70% of Apple’s operations were carried in United States of America. In first quarter of the fiscal year ended in December 2008, over 34% of Apple’s business stemmed from EMEA region, reason why the US-based company decided to aggregate the company’s operations in the region under one roof. In this period, Apple sold over 795,000 computers in the region, marking an annual growth of 14%.

Apcom is known today as the sole distributor of Apple products, such as Macintosh, iPods, Mac OS X operating systems, iLife applications lineup, peripherals, accessories and software.

Apcom Group continues to broaden its distribution pool and activity by collaborating with third-party manufacturers such as Adobe, Palm, Griffin and LaCie. As of June 2009, Apcom Group will distribute FileMaker products, world leader in database applications for professional use.

“We will keep our statute of sole distributor as well as the corporate governance. But in the region we will try to be stronger than before. Moreover, we will assure a prompt delivery of products and services to an increasing number of existent and potential Apple users”, said Nikolai Savov, regional business manager at Apcom Group.

Apple has gained an important market share in Romania, and the parent company’s interest in the region has increased accordingly, Savov continued. The first fiscal quarter was tough which resulted in a downward revision of sales growth rate for 2009, from 16% to 12%.

Revenues booked by the company are compensated in the region. Still, in Hungary, the distributor recorded the biggest sales compared to the rest of the countries in Eastern Europe. In Romania, the most popular Apple products are the iPods.

“Apcom will continue to improve the distribution network of Apple products in the region. By the unitary use of contacts and services, as well as the optimization of expenses within Apcom group, we will be able to lift the profitability level”, Apcom’s regional business manager said.

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