Wienerberger temporarily shuts down production sites in Gura Ocnitei and Triteni

Wienerberger’s hollow bricks production sites in Gura Ocnitei and Triteni will be temporarily shut down and activity will be halted, the company citing severe damage caused by the wrenching financial crisis and sharp slowdown of Romanian construction market over the past few months.

“Wienerberger has adopted all the necessary measures to adjust its production output to market conditions. These measures are part of Wienerberger’s broader restructuring program for 2009, designed to adapt the production capacity to market demand and evolution. The two facilities will be temporarily shut down, which means the activity can be resumed at any moment. For the moment, the conditions are uncertain and it depends heavily upon the future evolution of the market”, reads the press release remitted Friday by Wienerberger Romania, part of the world’s largest brick producer based in Austria.

The company said no employee would be affected by the measure, and the temporary shutdown would not alter the pending orders and deliveries, Wienerberger’s ability to provide bricks on the market not being limited.

“Real estate market in Romania dropped sharply over the past few months, after a record volume of delivered housing units in 2008. The main reason lays in the tight lending standards, both for end customers and to investors. But the demand for new homes didn’t shrink. The substantial decline of the residential market will create a deficit of housing units whose effects will spread over the coming years. The construction sector, and in particular the construction of new dwellings has a major contribution to gross domestic product and employment rates. This branch of industry can create more jobs than any other sector. And this is why keeping the market stability and reviving the market would always represent reliable weapons in the fight against crisis”, said the general manager of Wienerberger Romania, Daniel Catanas.

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