The benchmark exchange rate stays at 4.2120 lei per euro

The reference exchange rate posted today by the central bank (BNR) inched down by 0.03 percent to 4.2120 lei per euro on a still market and the lack of transactions led to an evolution similar to that of regional markets, but in a much tighter bandwidth, NewsIn informs.

The rate posted on June 5 was of 4.2132 lei per euro.

The leu stood this morning to 4.2125 per euro, but the rate went down slightly to 4.2050. Later on, the leu returned to the opening quotas and at 1:30 p.m. banks were buying a euro for 4.2065 lei and selling it for 4.2139 lei.

The Polish zloty grew from 4.5215 to 4.4925 against the euro, but lost ground to 4.5140, while the Hungarian forint rose from 286.30 to 282.5 per euro.

The leu-dollar rate stands today at 3.0290, 1.91 percent above the 2.9721 of June 5.

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