Mutual funds top performers in May

Erste Asset Management was the top performer in May, in local asset management market by taking over former No1, BCR AM. Erste AM reported assets under management worth 596.7million lei and a market share of 40%, according to statistics provided by Asset Managers Association in Romania (AAF).

With 249 million lei worth of assets in portfolio, Raiffeisen Asset Management takes the second spot, outranking BRD’s asset management division with 201.4 million lei in portfolio.

OTP Asset Management reported a 33% increase in assets up to 101.7 million lei. OTP’s fund division managed to top Banca Transilvania’s asset management and EFG Mutual Funds.

BT AM stands glided on fifth position with total assets worth 77.3 million lei, slightly up from a month earlier.

Mutual funds’ assets, at all-time high

The volume of net assets administrated by open-end funds continued to rise in May, by 13% up to a new all-time high of 1.439 billion lei.

The number of investors in mutual funds increased by 6.7% from previous month, the biggest value being recorded by money-market funds – 26.4% growth.

The investment funds in money-market instrument continued their upward trend, climbing 26% up to an asset pack worth 838 million lei.

Despite the bullish sentiment in the Romanian capital market, equity funds have increased by a mere 2.8 percent, up to 104 million lei assets. Bond funds increased by 2.9% up to 249 million lei, while the closed-end funds dropped 1% in May down to 99 million lei.

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