FIC Transilvania (BSE: SIF3) and FIC Moldova (SIF2) are talking with the majority shareholder of Bancpost, EFG Eurobank, the sale of their interest in the Romanian bank, chairman of FIC Transilvania said in an official statement.
“For the moment, we are negotiating and we wait for better conditions to obtain a better price than FIC Oltenia”, Fercala said.

FIC Oltenia (BSE: SIF5) announced it sold its stake in Bancpost, of 3.49% of the bank’s share capital, as well as a stake to be issued.

FIC Oltenia will receive 12.15 million euros in two tranches after offloading stake: 9 million euros within three days since the contract was signed, while the remainder following to be transferred by September 15.

FIC Oltenia sold the 57.76 million shares, afferent to the 3.49% equity position, and a stake containing 18.65 million shares under way to be issued.

Bancpost is governed by the Greek-based EFG Eurobank with 84.73% position, while FIC Banat-Crisana (BSE: SIF1), FIC Moldova (BSE: SIF2), FIC Transilvania (BSE: SIF3) and FIC Oltenia (SIF5) held an aggregated stake of 14%.

Greek-based EFG Eurobank, majority shareholder of Bancpost recorded a net loss of 4.1 million euros for its operations in Romania in Q1 2009.

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