Xerox promotes Persinaru to VP Operations DMO East

Marius Persinaru was promoted to VP Operations DMO East, a newly-established division at Xerox. He will take over the new responsibilities starting July 1, 2005, after a five-year experience in Xerox’s regional management (for Romania and Moldova).

As VP Operations DMO East, Persinaru will lead Xerox’s operations in eastern area of emerging markets which includes Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Middle East, Africa and India.

The main tasks will be to define strategies for each market and to oversee their implementation” said Marius Persinaru.

As an organization, “we’ve focused on a people-centered development culture”, Persinaru added.

The appointment of Marius Persinaru’s successor is due to be made public in the coming period.

In the first 12 months, Persinaru will continue to work from the company’s Bucharest-based office, while coordinating the regional-level operations.

Persinaru joined Xerox in 1998 and since 2004 he headed Xerox’s operations in Romania and Moldova. He graduated the University of Hydro Engineering at Polytechnics University of Bucharest.

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