Rafo Onesti refinery will propose to shareholders the increase of common capital by 7,064, by issuing 2,825 shares at a nominal value of 2.5 lei/share and integrating the outstanding receivable of 2.42 million lei from Conpet, according the official invitation remitted to Bucharest Stock Exchange.
If all shares will be underwritten after the capital increase, Rafo will have a common capital of 7.066 bln lei. The remaining non-underwritten rights issue will be annulled.

In the 30-day underwriting period, the existent shareholders will have the possibility to take up their rights issue.

Rafo Onesti’s common capital stands at 2.018 bln lei, divided into 807.6 million shares at a nominal value of 2.5 lei/share.

Balkan Petroleum Limited is the largest shareholder of the company, with a 98.07% equity position.

The company’s market value present on the Bucharest Stock Exchange’s unlisted category is 345.62 million lei (81.7 mln euros), according to May 21st trading session closing quota.

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