First homebuyers building new homes, eligible for First Home program

The 60,000 euro credit available through “First Home” program will be guaranteed by the state also for first homebuyers building a new home, while the banks are due to send interest rates chargeable under the program to the Government within seven days.

Applicants eligible to receive the mortgage loans under the program must pay 5% of the purchase price in advance if the home price is lower or equal to 60,000 euros. If it is higher – the applicant must pay 3,000 euros in advance as well as the difference between 60,000 euros and the actual purchase price.

The maximum length of the mortgage contracted through First Home program is 30 years. The loan contract should not contain any clause that would enable a unilateral modification of the contract by the bank.

Furthermore, the qualified applicants for the program must set up a collateral deposit for interest guarantee, of a value at least equal to three interest rates.

The residential property purchased under First Home program must be registered at the Land Registry Office, to be located in Romania and must be free from encumbrances.

The persons qualified for the program are compelled not to alienate the purchased house in the first five years. After this period, in case the loan contract is taken up by a third party, he must satisfy all the eligibility criteria under the scheme.

Banks who participate in the program will not charge any fee of reimbursement before due.

The houses under “First Home” program can be sold at anytime, with the authorization of Ministry of Finance. Thus, the budget-finance commission in the Senate issued a favorable report on various measures regarding the implementation of “First Home” program.

Lenders will have to send to the Ministry of Finance the value of interests they will charge within the First Home program by next week, as well as the total value of loans willing to disburse, said the Prime Minister Emil Boc.

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