BGS plans to list shares on the equity securities trading market in New York

BGS Group owned by Oprea family has started the proceedings to list its common stock on the Nasdaq (equity securities trading market in New York) where the security-service provider would issue 30% equity.

BGS said it would invest around 5 million dollars in the acquisition and development, under own brand, of a security company in United States.

This year only, BGS’ investments amount to 2.5 million euros. The company acquired 66 4x4 emergency intervention vehicles, Hummer H3 and Dodge Nitro, and increased headcount by 300.

The latest 500,000-euro investment was made in Timisoara and consists in a dispatch and a technical department, 150 agents, 5 emergency squads and two K-9 units.

In 2008, BGS recorded a turnover of 22 million euros from the security division and 1.7 million euros from the medical division.

Within BGS, the non-profit association for disasters and calamities is made up of volunteers acting in the rescue of missing persons in areas affected by floods or heavy snowfall.

BGS has a 100% Romanian capital and is owned by Bogdan Oprea, 80%, Costin Oprea 10% and Daniel Oprea 10%, and was established in 1994.

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