Slight decrease of currency exchange rate

The benchmark exchange rate settled by the National Bank of Romania slipped 0.02 percent to 4.2317 lei per euro, despite the national currency depreciated almost constantly during today's session, following the evolution of emerging currencies, NewsIn informs.

BNR posted a benchmark exchange rate of 4.2325 lei per euro yesterday, the highest level since April 24.

The national currency lowered gradually from 4.2246 to 4.2340 versus the euro and at 1:40 p.m. banks were buying a euro with 4.2310 lei and selling it for 4.2360 lei.

In the region, the zloty declined from 4.5230 to 4.5477 versus the euro and the forint fell from 281.64 to 284.65 over the single European currency.

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