SIF Banat-Crişana and SIF Transilvania offload stake in Bancpost

Financial company SIF Transilvania (SIF3) sold its holding of 3.49 percent of the share capital of lender Bancpost for 12.75 million euros, the same price to that obtained by SIF Banat-Crisana (SIF1) for a similar equity, leaving SIF Moldova the only investment company in the lender's corporate governance, NewsIn informs.

SIF Banat-Crisana and SIF Transilvania both sold a 76.41 million share pack to EFG Eurobank group, the majority owner of Bancpost.

The two financial companies will each receive 12.75 million euros in two installments, with the first 9.64 million euros in the following three days and the rest of 3.11 million euros by October 1 and September 30 respectively.

SIF Oltenia (SIF5) announced last week it sold the stake it owned in Bancpost, representing 3.49 percent of the lender's share capital, as well as a stock in the process of being issued, for 12.15 million euros.

SIF Transilvania and SIF Moldova declared then they were negotiating with the majority owner of Bancpost, the Greek financial group EFG Eurobank, to sell the stocks they owned in the Romanian lender.

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