As for the age categories, 69% of consumers who bought an insurance policy are aged between 45 and 55, being directly interested in life insurance schemes and pension plans.

For the financial coverage of their possessions, 62% Romanians would rather pay for insurance services over financial services.

The development of the financial market has enriched the financial service and products range, both of insurance companies and of banks who expanded their coverage in this segment. However, more than a half of the respondents said they used the services of insurance companies for personal safety, versus 20% respondents who expressed more confidence in similar insurance products offered by banks.

“The diversification of life insurance and pension products range, offered both by insurers and banks reflect a higher demand for insurance solutions and a great market potential. Even though it determines a fiercer market competition, the survey conducted by Aviva plc shows that Romanians prefer the experience and tradition of insurance companies in order to benefit of financial protection” said Shah Rouf, CEO Aviva Romania.

Confidence in insurance service by geographical region

As for Pillar-II and III pension schemes, more than a half of the surveyed (53%) said they preferred services offered by insurance companies and only a quarter (25%) said they would pay for a similar insurance product offered by banks.

As for financial advisory from brokers, Romanians are not yet used to request a broker’s assistance; with only 4% said they would use a broker’s advisory services for investments, 7% for life insurances and 8% for a pension.