Videanu added he has already sent an address to the head of Gazprom Export, Aleksandr Medvedev, in this regard, but they have not yet established the meeting point.

However, the memorandum between the two states has already been conclude and provides the set-up of a joint venture between Romgaz and Gazprom, with a 50 percent participation each.

Romgaz has already signed an agreement with Petrostar Ploiesti for a feasibility study of the gas deposit in Roman-Margineni, in the eastern county of Neamt, that will be completed this autumn, declared in May for NewsIn Lucian Stancu, deputy general director of Romgaz.

Romgaz announced last summer that Petrostar Ploiesti was chosen to complete the feasibility study, but the deal was inked almost one year later due to difficulties to ensure the natural gas sources and to establish some functional parameters for the deposit, like the maximum volume, density or installed power of the compressing unit, fundamental elements for a feasibility study.

Romgaz representatives anticipate investments for the gas deposit could amount to 500 million euros. The storage capacity is estimated at 2 billion cubic meters.

Romgaz has an annual consumption of 100-120 MW. It is majority owned by the Ministry of Economy and deals with extracting and depositing natural gas. It produces annually about a third of the country’s required gas resources.